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We make house calls! Having dog behavioral issues? Give us a call!
Obedience Training A

Obedience Level 1

In obedience training your dog will learn the basics: sit, down, stay, come, heel. Dogs are also taught necessary manners, such as: no jumping, to stop what they are doing when told “no.” To sit calmly before meals, to calm down when overly excited, etc.  Problem behaviors can also be addressed. 


Obedience Level 2

Once basic obedience and good behavior have been learned. Dogs can move on to Advanced Obedience, such as: all of the basics off-leash,  sit stays out-of-sight, dropping to a down from a distance from the handler, retrieving thrown objects and more. There is also a long list of commands and fun tricks your dog can learn.

You can schedule private sessions at Impression Dogs.

Sessions are: 

$25 - 1 Obediance/Behavior  session here at our home 

$40 - 1 Obedianc/Behavior session at your home. (within short distance of Niles) This is usually better for addressing behavioral issues.

$100 - 6 weekly sessions of obediance lessons, at our home.  

Session usually last about 30 minutes, and we will address any behavioral issues with your dog as well as teach some basic obediance. Please contact us for scheduling. 

We make House calls! Having dog behavioral issues? Give us a call! 

Behavior Consulting A

Behavior Consulting

(Balancing & Pack Therapy)


All our dogs exist together in one big “pack”. Whether it’s a boarded dog, or new dog to our family, every dog we introduce learns its place in our pack almost instantly. We dogs come to us they can feel a calm, peaceful energy in our home and throughout our yard, making it easy for them to behave and relax here. In behavior consulting, we strive to teach clients this calm confident state that every dog needs from its owner in order to respect them as its pack leader.  This is achieving a "Balanced" state. We believe and utilize Cesar Milan’s approach to dog psychology.

Cesar Millan's Approach


In the wild, a dog's very survival depends on a strong, stable, and organized pack, where every member knows its place and follows the rules established by the pack leader. The pack instinct is perhaps the strongest natural motivator for a dog. Cesar Millan teaches that, in order to properly fulfill both our dogs and  ourselves, we each need to become our canine's calm-assertive pack leader. A dog that doesn't trust its human to be a good pack leader becomes unbalancedand often exhibits unwanted or anti-social behaviors. Cesar counsels people to calmly, assertively, and consistently give their dogs rules, boundaries, and limitations to establish themselves as solid pack leaders and to help correct and control unwanted behavior.

Puppy raising

Puppy Raising...

it's how we train our own puppies for you!

Here at Impression Dogs, when we have a litter of puppies we take their first 8 weeks of life, VERY seriously.  As babies it is critically important that  everything they learn about human interaction be entirely  positive. Our kids are taught how to properly handle puppies and they spend hours playing with them every day. We spend time from the minute they are born, gently holding them and talking to them.  As they grow we provide them with all the necessary veterinary care, clean environment  and social interaction with children, adults, and other animals.  Our puppies are purposefully raised to become healthy, well socialized pets, suited for family homes.  We are certain any puppy you get from us will have a happy, confident view of his world by the time it comes to your home!

Puppy Pre-Training!

We are pleased to offer puppy pre-training options available to the families adopting a new puppy from us!


Training Options:

Crate training- $300 / $375 (including crate.)

Your puppy learns to sleep through the night in his crate, (minimizing barking and accidents) and to become comfortable with his crate going in it easily.


Leash & Collar training- $200 including leash and collar.

Your puppy will get used to the feel of a collar on his neck (a pretty big deal for a little puppy!) He'll also learn to walk comfortably on a leash, with out bucking or planting himself.


Sit - $100

Down - $100

Come - $100


*For free of charge we work with every puppy on basic manners such as not biting or jumping as well as other things along those lines. Please note it is next to impossible for us to break these habits completely by 8 weeks, but we will begin the teaching.


*If your puppy fails to learn any of the obedience commands (sit, down, come, or leash breaking) you will not be charged for that command. Please note that this charge is for us to teach commands to your puppy so they get an idea of what they are suppose to do. It is the new owner's job to reinforce the training once the puppy comes home. As with all dogs, these puppies are not robots and all training must be continually reinforced throughout their life.  

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