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Life's Abundance Food

At Impression's ALL of our dogs eat Lifes Abundance food!

We LOVE this brand of food and we trust it for a healthy start for all of our puppies.

Life's Abundance food is made in small frequent batches and because it is so highly nutritious  and made fresh it does not have a very long shelf life so you will not find it in stores. That does not mean it is any less convenient! It's made fresh and shipped directly to your door. You can even set up an auto-ship so you don't have to order it every month and you will receive a discount! 

Below are some of our favorite items that you can order just by clicking on the picture! 

All of our puppies are started on this food.


*We recommend feeding this to your puppy until they are a year old. 

All of our adult dogs enjoy this food.

*After 1 year old, switch to this 

Quality dog food is expensive! We understand, we feed it to between 8-20 dogs per day at our farm!

After years and years of trying different brands and all types of diets for our dogs we have chosen to stick with Life's Abundance since 2016. Why??....

1. Nutrition. We have found the quality unsurpassable. There's no corn! No bi-products! No coloring and tons of preservatives! Meat is always the first ingredient. And because this food is so high in nutrition and has good fiber and probiotics your dog needs less of it than other brands of food! This also means smaller, firmer, and less stinky poops! 

2. Simplicity. Life's Abundance shows up at our door every month, no more running out of food, and hulling heavy bags around. With our auto-ship order it takes out the extra guess work & shopping trips.

(We had our dogs on a raw diet for a while and switched to this. Raw diet was difficult to manage and clean from contamination every-time we got it out, freezer space, trips to the butcher etc.. it was quite the hassle. We needed healthy AND simple!)

3. Long term health.  We have not had health issues while on this food! Our dogs grow strong and healthy and have lot's of puppies born on this diet. We have NEVER had a dog become ill or sick from this food. We have never had a dog develop allergic reactions, tumors, cancer, stomach issues or anything like that. This food has kept our dogs healthy for years. Because of this, we believe it has saved us tons of money in vet and medical bills. 

4. Trustworthy company. Life's Abundance food has NEVER had a recall. It is made in small batches and shipped directly to you because it does not have a very long shelf life. (less preservatives) Their customer support is amazing. If a bag comes to you damaged or open, call them right away and they will send you a new bag at zero extra charge. 

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you continue feeding Life's Abundance for your puppy's sake long term. The only few health issues we have ever heard of coming back from one of our puppies, have been from ones who have dis-continued feeding this food. -(just sayin)

We recommend for your new puppy:

Puppy System

  • Sm/Med Breed Puppy Food 

  • Supplements


Healthy Start pack

  • Sm/Med Breed Puppy Food & Wellness Food

  • Supplements

  • Revitalizing Shampoo 

  • Bath Fresh Mist & Ear Care Formula

  • Antioxidant Health Bar (Oatmeal & Apple Recipe)

  • Tasty Rewards Training Treats

  •  Buffalo Bully Sticks





All of our puppies are started training with these treats.


Porky Puffs

a very fun treat!

Bully Sticks

These are our dogs favorite chews!


highly recommended for both dogs and puppies



This shampoo is AMAZING!

It leaves them smelling great for weeks!


Floor wash

We mop all our floors with this! no harmful chemicals and it lasts forever!


Bison Liver treat

Another favorite snack at Impression dogs!


Meat strips

Another loved snack

There are many other nutritious options on our Life's Abundance store site. Feel free to shop around! 

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