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United States Impression dogs have gone to live in:

Our dogs have also gone International!  

You might see them in...


Germany!                   or                         Norway!














New Mexico

New York






West Virginia



"Tripp" born January 2014

adopted by Jennifer in PA


      "We have had such a great experience with our puppy Tripp!  Carrie was so helpful walking  us through the process and keeping us up to date on our new puppy. When we drove 4.5 hours to meet our new baby, we we amazed on how well he was trained from the start!  We  loved that Carrie's little girls have handled him since he was born! It was a great start since Tripp had a 5 year old "big sister" waiting for him once we got home!  It was also great to be able to meet Tripp's parents and see their personalities. Once we got home and he got to meet everyone, it was time for the training to begin!  I must say, I was a little nervous about the puppy training, but I couldn't believe how easy it really was. We took Carrie's tips and advice and everything was so easy.  It was like he was potty trained before he came home to live with us!  He is such a HUGE part of our lives!  He goes everywhere with us! Including to work with my husband, to Grandmas with my daughter and out on our boat with us!  We get so many compliments on how well behaved he is for only being 6 months old!  They also say what a beautiful dog he is!  We always stop and take time to tell them about Impression Dogs!" - Jennifer A.

All of these notes were written by people who have adopted puppies from us. 

We also have many references we can provide contact info for upon request. 


"Rocky" born January 2014

adopted by Katie in PA




     "We could not have asked for a better experience than the one we had with Carrie and Impression Dogs!! We were updated weekly on the progress of our growing puppy during his first 8 weeks! Carrie was very helpful with answering any and all questions we had in preparation for our Rocky! I would strongly recommend Impression Dogs to anyone looking for a gorgeous, healthy, and loving puppy! Rocky is the light of our lives, he's smart, sweet, well socialized, and was extremely healthy! If we ever decide to add another dog to our growing family we would definitely go back to Carrie and Impression Dogs without thinking twice about it!!"  - Katie J.


"Leelu" born January 2014

adopted by Sonja in Seattle



       "I have had a great experience with Impression Dogs! Carrie is knowledgable and trustworthy. Her personal dogs are really well trained, beautiful creatures. She raises puppies that, in our experience, are charmers! We literally can't go anywhere without people commenting on how beautiful and well behaved our dog is! Our Mini Aussie, Leelu, was extremely easy to potty train using Carrie's guidelines. She came already perfectly socialized with young children, other dogs, and adults. When I walked in the door to meet Leelu for the first time, she came right up to me when I called her name. I picked her up and held her for a few minutes, and we've been bonded ever since. She pretty much goes everywhere I go! Moving out to the city (Seattle) from the farm in West Virginia on an airplane was a huge transition for Leelu. Although it was overwhelming for her, at first, she is now the perfect city dog-especially for our high energy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest. I would recommend a Mini Aussie from Impression Dogs to anyone who lives an active lifestyle and wants a furry best friend." - Sonja B.

"Brutus" born February 2015

adopted by Jan in Pittsburgh, PA



     "We have had the best experience working with Carrie. She is professional and an amazing dog handler. Brutus came to us very healthy, confident, playful, and full of love. He was well socialized and fantastic with kids from day one because he was raised with 3 children. Carrie has provided a lot of great training tips that have helped immensely and continues to be a resource to us even after we are home with questions on behavior, training, and care. Brutus is quickly becoming part of the family now that he is home but we fell in love with him the day he was born from the weekly updates/photos Carrie would send. I would absolutely recommend Impression Dogs to anyone looking for a new furry family member."  - Jan H.


"Millie" born February 2015

adopted by the Forjohns in Philidelphia, PA






         "Millie is loving her new home. Thank you Impression Dogs for taking care of her for the 1st  8 weeks!" - Susanna F.

Golden puppies born July 2015

adopted by Northern Indiana Service Dogs in Plymouth, IN






      "To Impression Dogs....... Northern Indiana Service Dogs purchased 4 golden retreiver puppies and they are fantastic! They are so loving and well behavied for 8 week old goldens. We just love how they do not nibble on our hands and are so eager to learn new things.

Keep up the good work! And we look forward to working with you again in the future." - Rachel M.

"Shadow" born July 2014

adopted by Cesar in Chicago






     "Just wanted to share a photo of Shadow and let you know he is doing great!" - Cesar N.


"Kayna" born July 2014

adopted by Samara in VA





     "Our experience with Impression Dogs was exactly how it should be. Carrie gave amazing advice, updates, and professional service during the entire puppy process. I can't recommend Impression Dogs enough. Carrie even gave us a puppy blanket, food, and health folder with all the records when we picked our puppy up. If you are considering getting a puppy from Impression Dogs, please feel free to contact me with any questions!" - Samara 


From the Water litter born July 2015

adopted by Melissa in MI.







     "This was a quick pic of "Lake" at the farm. He loves helping with the horses when he visits but what he really loves is spending time with our kids. Best puppy ever and we could not say enough about how amazingly sweet and fun his temperament is. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him!" - Melissa K.


Quartz from the Rock litter born July 2016

adopted by Sandy in WI.

My experience with Carrie and Impression Dogs has been awesome!  Carrie really knows her stuff, and she genuinely cares about her dogs.   When I first inquired about one of her litters, she got back to me the same day, and even when I indicated I wasn’t sure if I should get a puppy from the current litter, she took the time to answer all of my questions without ever pressuring me to buy one.  I was really impressed at how well she knew the personalities of each of the puppies (who were only 5 weeks old at the time), and when we went to meet the litter, I was also really impressed at how involved the whole family is.  The puppies were happy and healthy and the whole atmosphere was comfortable and positive.  Ultimately, we came home with a puppy from that litter, and he is such a joy!  Carrie pegged his personality exactly – he is happy, outgoing, playful, and adventuresome, and he just LOVES people.  Everyone who meets him comments both on what a nice temperament he has and what a nice looking dog he is.  And, Carrie has continued to be a wonderful resource when I have questions.  I strongly recommend getting a dog from Impression Dogs!

-Sandy J.


from the Light litter born July 2017

adopted by Victoria in Chicago!

We got our mini Aussie Oberyn from Impression Dogs this past summer, and I can honestly say that I couldn't possibly have hoped for a better experience or a more wonderful dog. Obie is kind, mischievous, an amazing cuddler and an incredibly fast learner (he was potty trained in less than a week and now, at 4 months, can "stay" better than any dog I've ever had!). It also doesn't hurt that he's gorgeous--like, people-stop-me-on-the-street-to-take-his-picture gorgeous.  ;)

Carrie and her girls raise their pups in such a warm and loving environment that it sets them up for a lifetime of exceptional happiness, confidence, and joy! The passion the whole Impression Dogs family has for what they do really comes through in their clear and fast communication, the awesome setup of their puppy raising space, and their transparency about the whole process. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Carrie and her dogs and to share my life with such an incredible pup. You cannot go wrong with one of these cuties!  ~ Victoria B.


from the light litter born July 2017

adopted by Genevieve  in WA!

We got our Mini American Shepherd (aka Mini Aussie) from Carrie this past summer (July 2017 Tierah x Cooper litter), and I can't say enough positive things about Carrie and her breeding practices. The sheer volume of care, attention, and love she clearly puts into her dogs and puppies just phenomenal. If nothing else, from a prospective client looking to adopt a new puppy, Carrie is an exceptional breeder: she communicates frequently and promptly; she takes weekly photos by default so you can feel more involved in your fur baby's early weeks; she'll do puppy playtime video casts which help you get a feel for how the puppies are handled (and loved); AND she will go the extra mile and randomly supply you with very sweet, unprompted updates with photos.

In respect to the animal you can reasonably expect to get from Carrie: I have a few things that need mentioning, the first of which is the fact that Carrie’s pups have tails. Some people apparently take issue with this, but if you’re on the fence about Mini Aussies with tails, I’ll say this much: once you get to experience a mini Aussie with a tail, I'm pretty sure you'll be permanently hooked. They’re legitimately one of the most happy things you'll ever see. Seeing our boy’s tail oscillating wildly as he runs to us brings the biggest grins to our faces, and is easily one of the best parts of our day.

In terms of looks and temperament, our boy is amazingly handsome, and we're routinely stopped by people begging to pet him and take photos of him. He's a treasure in terms of personality, as well: he's incredibly smart, playful, and loving. 

In short: he's an absolute joy to have in our lives, and I'm grateful every single day that we've gotten the opportunity to bring such a wonderful ball of love into our lives. When we have space for a third dog in the house, I will absolutely be coming back to Carrie, without any shadow of a doubt. ~ Genevieve C.


Diamond from the Rock litter born July 2016

adopted by Barbara in MI!




I am so impressed with Carrie as a breeder!

My little Reba has the most wonderful personality...friendly, confident, loving..I could go on! If (when??) I ever get another aussie I will not go any where else. I know Carries puppies will be the best. ~ Barbara S.


from the Fire litter born January 2016

adopted by Betsy  in MA!


I can't say enough about Carrie and Impressions dogs. Blaze (Ember's brother) joined our family in March 2016 and we can't imagine a better companion. He is smart, handsome, athletic, sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is always up for a new adventure and loves people (especially children) and other dogs. He is quite the charmer and loves to make new friends with a tail wag and eye contact (including a snow plow operator that literally stopped to meet him). Carrie's puppy raising environment and early socialization with her girls really produces amazing dogs. In addition to temperament, Blaze is a natural athlete and very trainable and taken easily to beginners agility. Carrie gave us a lot of information, was very responsive to any questions, and was great at giving photo and video updates before we take him home. Anyone would be lucky to have a pup from Impression Dogs! ~ Betsy R.

"Niles" born July 2017

adopted by Maren  in Germany


"Today we've got the results from the german genetic institute for our babyboy "Impression's Niles" from the litter of 16th July 2017🍀🍀🍀

All ist perfect 🎉🎉🎉and we are glad to present the following results:

MDR 1 normal/normal
Prcd PRA normal/normal
HSf4 Katarakt normal/normal
Maligne Hyperthermie normal/normal
Neuronale Ceroid Lipofuszinose normal/normal
Degenerative Myelopathie normal/normal

Carrie, its not only the character and socialisation what makes your dogs so good. Its the genetic health too.
It was a good choice to come the long way from Germany to pick up our sweetie baby from Impression dogs.

Thank you so much!" ~ Maren N.


(Tansy from the Flower litter,  January 2020)

adopted by Cori in NYC



We brought Rowan into our family in March of 2020 and she has given us nothing but joy. From the start she has been incredibly easygoing, nearly completely crate trained on day one and fast to learn potty training. She is very adaptable, just as happy to lay around with us on the couch on a rainy day as she is to go for a hike in the woods or a swim at the beach. She loves absolutely everyone, especially kids, and even gets along with our not-so-nice cat. She is also very quiet and non-destructive, even when left alone, which is particularly important when living in a NYC apartment with neighbors.


Most of all, she is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet and her happiness is contagious! If you are thinking of bringing a Mini Aussie into your home, you will not find a more responsible and loving breeder who will give your puppy the best possible start to their life at a critical stage of development, it is no coincidence all of Carries dogs are so wonderful.


(Safire from the Gem litter, Oct 2017).

adopted by Dawn  in Alaska



This is Kodee from Alaska. He is hands down the very best companion we have been blessed with. He is not only smart, personality is so sweet, handsome guy, very loving that adores kids very much, loves to go camping, hiking, boating, walking - just about any adventure we do. 


Carrie and her girls do a wonderful job with their puppies Kodee learned to sit and potty on a pad before I took him home to Alaska - he traveled very well and has since not had no health problems. The only breeder I would trust would be Carrie's - wouldn't hesitate to purchase another.

~Dawn K.

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