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Impression Dog's Store

These are the items we use and recommend!


Most links will take you strait to the product on Amazon

We offer a "momma snuggled" option on our training page, where your puppy can take home a snuggle puppy that his momma has been sleeping with as well!

These leads by Alvalley are our favorite leashes! We have lots of them, they are super soft on your hands. They're so pretty and there's tons of color options to choose from. People ask us all the time where we get them. Now you can purchase them right here! We prefer the 4 ft, but it's also available in 6 ft.    We recommend the small on for a puppy leash

Alvalley Puppy leash. 4 ft.


Short snap leash. 4 ft. 

(Carrie's favorite!)

Collar Tags

For any collar

Puppy leash

Puppy collar

(order size xs for puppy)

Puppy harness

puppies will need size XS

Bully sticks


Cow Hooves


Our go-to dog brush!

Nail clipper

Best burr removing comb

MidWest Deluxe Pet Bed 

30" Crate Mattress thick

(fits our recommended crates)

Ultra soft donut fur bed


all natural Flea Tick & Mosquito spray for dogs. (and people!) works incredibly well!!

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