Impression dog's favorites!

Tested and proven by our very own dogs to be the best, most popular products!

Puppy stuff

Snuggle puppy -

heart beat comforter


Grass potty pad

Our puppies are trained to these grass pads before they come home!

KONG squeaker ball

(Unanimously rated #1 by our dogs!)

Puppy Treats!



Crinkle toy


squeaky octopus


These leads by Alvalley are our favorite leashes! We have lots of them, they are super soft on your hands. They're so pretty and there's tons of color options to choose from. People ask us all the time where we get them. Now you can purchase them right here! We prefer the 4 ft, but it's also available in 6 ft.    We recommend the small on for a puppy leash


Long snap leash. 6 ft


Short snap leash. 4 ft. 

(Carrie's favorite!)

Alvalley Puppy leash. 4 ft.


collar 4.jpg

(Ember wears a size Small)

Collar Tags

For any collar


Bully sticks


Cow Hooves

Deer Antler


Bamboo brush

Nail clipper


Self cleaning slicker brush


Wire crate with divider


Plastic crate

(our dog's preferred)

Dog beds

MidWest Ombre Swirl Deluxe Pet Bed (36 x 24)

Heavy Duty Crate Mat - Medium

(fits our recommended crates)

Best Friends. Calming Shag Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler. 

(Overly spoil your pup with this bed, it makes them fall asleep even when they don't want to!)

Other items used at Impression Dogs

EZ Whelp

Large washable whelping pad

Highly Absorbent

washable potty pads 33"x20"

Extra Large

36"x28" Training Pads


all natural Flea Tick & Mosquito spray for dogs.

Security Camera

(How I keep a close eye on my dogs)

Kitty toy tunnel

(our puppies LOVE this! ;)

Airtight Pet Food container

Pet Safe stay + play Wireless Fence transmitter. (3/4 acre) 

Pet Safe wireless fence collar

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