Past Mini Aussie puppies

All of these dogs are Impression's Miniature American Shepherds.

Awards won!

Niles, Impression dog's Mini Aussie with tail show dog

Congratulations to Impression's "Niles"

(Tierah x Cooper pup) for the highest resultant in his age group at the VFT dog show in Germany! Niles has so far earned the following titles:

"Deutschlandsieger 2018 - Jüngsten"
Germany-Winner age 6-9 month

"Nord-Cup-Sieger 2018 - Jüngsten"
North-Cup-Winner age 6-9 month and
Jüngsten champion 2018
Champion in the class 6-9 month

"Today we've got the results from the german genetic institute for our babyboy "Impression's Niles" from the litter of 16th July 2017🍀All ist perfect 🎉and we are glad to present the following results:

MDR 1 normal/normal
Prcd PRA normal/normal
HSf4 Katarakt normal/normal
Maligne Hyperthermie normal/normal
Neuronale Ceroid Lipofuszinose normal/normal
Degenerative Myelopathie normal/normal

Carrie, its not only the character and socialisation what makes your dogs so good. Its the genetic health too.
It was a good choice to come the long way from germany to pick up our sweetie baby from Impression dogs. Thank you so much!"
~ Maren N.

Miniature American Shepherd with tal show dog in Germany

"Leelu" Cooper x Tierah

Our Seasons litter - 6 week old mini aussies with tails


Super litter Flash x Kona

"Finn" Cooper x Tierah pup.

"Shadow" Cooper x Tierah pup.

"Rocky" Cooper x Tierah pup.


"Ruby" Bria x Cooper pup

"Gracie" Cooper x Tierah pup


baby "Rocky" Cooper x Tierah pup.


Impression dogs- kissing puppies

Dallas x Ember pups

"Finn" Cooper x Tierah pup

Impression dog's - Blaze
Mini Aussies with tails breeder

"Sibby" with little "Ember" and "Fergus"


"Finn" Cooper x Tierah pup. 2016


Dylan - Australian Shepherd with tails

"Dylan" Cooper x Tierah pup


Blue merle mini Aussie with un-docked tail
Aussie puppie with cute tail - Jade

"Jade" Ember x Dallas pup

"Fergus" Cooper x Tierah

Mini Aussie with tail agiliy

"Tilly" Cooper x Tierah pup


baby "Blaze" 


Impression dog's - Reba

"Blaze" Cooper x Tierah pup


"Reba" Cooper x Tierah pup


"Remy" Cooper x Tierah pup



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