Past Mini Goldendoodles

These are all Impressoin dog's Miniature Goldendoodles.

Some grown and some as puppies. 

"Howie" F1b petite mini golden doodle pup from Lolly & Tootsie

"Brutus" F1 mini-goldendoodle. Penny x Marathon pup

"Millie" -F1 mini-goldendoodle. Penny x Marathon pup.  

"Princess" Lolly & Tootsie pup

1 year old

11 weeks old 

"Lolly" - F1 mini-goldendoodle. Penny x Maverick pup.  Lives here at Impression Dogs!

Litter of F1b Petite mini Goldendoodles from Lolly & Tootsie spring 2018

"Ariel" F1b Petite Mini-goldendoodle (15 lbs)

Lolly x Tootsie pup

"Brutus" - F1 Mini-goldendoodle.

Penny x Marathon pup

"Maggie" Lolly & Tootsie pup

"Henny" Lolly & Tootsie pup

"Maggie" Lolly & Tootsie pup

F1b Petite Mini-goldendoodles (15 lbs)

Lolly x Tootsie pups.

"Juji" - F1b Petite Mini-Goldendoodle.

Lolly x Tootsie pup.

Sisters - F1b Petite Mini-Goldendoodles 

Lolly x Tootsie pups.

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