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Mini Aussie puppies

2 puppies arrived December 31, 2022

Please welcome Ember's New Year's Eve litter! 

Ember 1y13.jpg
Indi 8m3.jpg


for more pictures and details on Ember click here



for more pictures and details on Indi, click here


We keep our website very  UP-TO-DATE . Photos are updated every other week, and important  information is updated hourly. 

Names are temporary. We choose them to identfy puppies (and the themes are just plain fun!) You will be allowed to choose any name you like for your puppy!

This litter will be 8 weeks old and ready to go February 25th.


Pictures below taken at 3 weeks old:  1/27/23    


These puppies are on HOLD for our Waiting list


New Years

Male - Blue merle




Female - Red merle

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