Mini American Shepherd puppies

(The AKC version of Mini Aussies)

3 puppies arrived March 13, 2019

Please welcome Ember's MUSIC litter! 


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Pictures below taken at 6 weeks old:  4/24/19    

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Names are temporary. We choose them to identfy puppies (and the themes are just plain fun!) You will be allowed to choose any name you like for your puppy!

This litter will be 8 weeks old and ready to go May 8th.

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All our puppies are priced at $2,000

All of these puppies have been spoken for




Male - Black tri



Going home to Jamie in GA!




Female - Blue merle


Going home to Alyssa in Chicago!

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The Tail Change

      After much thought and consideration we have decided that we will  allow our future mini-American Shepherd puppies to keep their long natural tails! In the past we have docked the tails of our mini-Aussies mainly because it was "breed standard". Originally this breed's tail was docked because they were hard working dogs, herding livestock through heavy underbrush and their tails woud collect so much mud, burrs,  briars and could also be broken by cattle stepping on them, the ranchers thought it safer to dock their Aussie's tails.


There is no reason for us to dock tails any more since we sell almost all our puppies as pets.  As a trainer, I especially value the tail as a major means of communication, as well as being important for a dog's balance in fast movement.  We feel that there are enough people out there that will still love and maybe even prefer an Aussie with a natural tail that this decision will not hurt our sales. Their tails are beautiful (I always hated having them docked) and we're excited to introduce our un-docked Aussies into the world! I really think people will love our natural tailed Aussies and we hope it catches on!


**Miniature American Shepherds are now a FULLY recognized breed to the AKC as of July 2015! AND the breed standard for Miniature American Shepherds actually does allow for long natual tails! [Although a docked tail may still be prefered in the show-ring it is not considerd a fault] YAY!

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