Mini American Shepherd puppies

(The AKC version of Mini Aussies)

We have Mini Aussie puppies for sale WITH tails!

We do NOT  DOCK  TAILS on ANY of our puppies!

3 puppies arrived May 2, 2020!

Introducing London's little BUG  litter! 

These puppies are expected to reach 30- 35 lbs and 16 -18" tall. 

Our puppies receive EXCELLENT care and raising. The quality of our dogs both physically and temperamentally has been outstanding! Read our reviews  here (menu above) and on Facebook.

London 8m6.jpg


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All of this litter is SOLD

Puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready to go June 27th.   

We keep our website very  UP-TO-DATE . Photos are updated weekly, and important  information is updated daily. 

Names are temporary. We choose them to identfy puppies (and the themes are just plain fun!) You will be allowed to choose any name you like for your puppy!

Pictures below taken at 7 weeks old - 6/23/2020

A couple things about London's pups~

London is pretty low drive for an Aussie, she'll fetch and play, but pets and belly rubs are her favorite thing! We expect pretty much the same from this litter.  They will have her fantastic sweet loving temperament that knows no stranger, and the deep soul searching eyes. They will be big like her (big for minis) and they all have LOTs of beautiful thick coat! They get this from both their parents and we already see more coat on them than other litters at this age. Their copper coloring will pop as they grow to almost an orange like their parents. 



(Lady bug)

Female - Black tri



Going home to the Gaytan family in WI!



(June bug)

Female - Black tri



Going home to the Fernando

family in MI!




Male - Blue merle




Going home to the Brady's 

in Chicago!

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