Who we are...

Impression dogs is a family who absolutely LOVES dogs and specializes in breeding, training and raising the most amazing puppies! Owned by Simeon and Carrie and their three daughters. Carrie, a full time homeschool mom and dog expert, manages the breeding, training and puppy raising. Located on a beautiful piece of property with creeks and woodland surrounding, the family raises their children and puppies together sharing one large backyard. Taught to properly handle and train puppies from a young age, their children are primarily responsible for the outstanding socializing and raising that Impression's puppies are known for.  

Carrie attended Berea College in Kentucky, earning her bachelors degree in Animal Behavior, and studying all courses in Animal Science.  She also took a semester abroad specifically to study herding dogs in New Zealand.

At age 17 Carrie began working for an assistance dog company as one of their on-staff trainers. Durring that time she trained and placed several service dogs, hearing ear dogs, seizure alert dogs and therapy dogs.  Also working briefly at a police K-9 training school, working with drug dogs, bomb dogs and attack dogs. 



Carrie's History...

Carrie has been training dogs since she was 12 years old, starting with her own dog "Sheila" an Australian Shepherd.  Communication with dogs fascinated Carrie from a young age and she spent much of her time studying them and learning how to "talk" to dogs. Carrie spent the next 7 years showing Sheila and many other dogs in 4-H programs competing at county and state levels, she excelled in the highest levels of obedience, agility and showmanship winning the highest titles in every ring she entered.

in New Zealand - a tribute to the herding dog.

After college and married to husband Simeon, they lived in West Virginia for a few years where Carrie began breeding papillions, and later border collies which she also took into the show ring. The family continued to grow with 3 little daughters entering the family and each of them developing the same love for dogs as their mother. Later the family moved to Michigan and Carrie was eventually able to bring Aussies back into her life, this time in a miniature version, known as the Mini Aussie or Mini American Shepherd. She has also continued training dogs and has gone on to teach kids how to train dogs in different venues such as 4-H.

Impression Dog's family fun pictures!

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Lila and puppy Penny.....double trouble!

Puppies make wonderful baby dolls :)

Winter run!

All photos and content on this site are property of Impression Dogs and may not be used, copied or re-produced in any way.